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Houston, TX
About Us


My style of work has its own uniqueness; the overall goal in each piece of my art is to provide a DEFINED description visually. 

As an artist, I take pride in my work because it allows me to show freedom of expression that others would never be able to identify in my non-shallot mannerisms.  I enjoy being able to design, create, and illustrate what I feel.  I’ve practiced my technique, created my own style, and branded my work.  My creative expansion has allowed me to become a very versatile artist.  I feel like any artist can take a photo and create a portrait to look like the individual or subject matter but there is only one way to be DEFINED.  My vision is to build a gallery to share with the world and create unforgettable custom projects. The creative style and technique of Defined Arts has been embraced by today's culture making a sustainable art impact in clothing stores, restaurants, homes, offices, media outlets, and particularly the hip hop community. The inclusive roster of artist that own a piece of Defined Arts custom work includes Trae tha Truth, Rick Ross, Slim Thug, Bun B, Drake,  JoJo, Lecrae, and Propain to name a few. Not just an ARTIST to the artist, Defined Arts values the everyday customer that appreciates custom creative artwork. I know that my ability to create DEFINED art is a God given talent.  I feel very, very blessed to have recognized the vision to pursue my talent and share with the world my editions of DEFINED arts.​



Defined Arts and Entertainment, LLC
Address: , Houston, TX 77001
Phone Number: (281) 248-3396
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Autographed T.I. (original art), 20x20 Oil on Canvas