Nixon Adult Day Center

3719 Lynnfield Street
Houston, Texas 77016

Nixon Home Care, Inc

Nixon Home Care, Inc. is a Houston, Texas-based nonprofit licensed Adult Day Care Center.  We specialize in serving seniors and adults that require constant supervision as ordered by their physician. We have locations in Houston and Shepherd, Texas.

Our Founder and Executive Director, Debora Nixon, RN, BSN, MBA, founded Nixon Home Care, Inc. in 1997. Debora developed the vision for Nixon while caring for her father during his advanced stages of dementia and Alzheimber's disease while at the same time working full-time and pursuing a nursing degree. Debora became so frustrated with the limited options available to working caregivers, she decided to use her own resources, experiences and education to create a client-centered and caregiver-focused licensed adult day care center capable of catering to the needs of the working caregivers as well as impaired adults.

Nixon Adult Day Center

Our Programs and Services

As a licensed adult day care center, we provide:

  • A safe and caring environment for physically or mentally impaired individuals in need of constant supervision
  • Caregiver respite by offering full-time caregivers the freedom to work full-time or take much needed physical and mental breaks
  • Access to social interactions, adventurous day outings and competitive games and recreation for impaired adults who otherwise might be confined to a lifestyle of sedation, isolation and/or, possibly... institutionalization
  • Cost savings for taxpayers and caregivers by providing preventive monitoring of chronic health conditions, daily medication management, preventive health services and health counseling for low-income individuals eligible for public assistance

Our vision is to be the leader in adult day care services nationally.

What We Do


We provide adult supervision and social activities including physical activities based on each client’s physical and mental capabilities, weekly arts and crafts, games such as cards, checkers, bingo and dominoes, books and assistance with reading, weekly Bible study and community field trips as well as birthday and holiday celebrations.


Our seven-van fleet provides clients with door-to-door round trip transportation to and from our centers between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekly and to and from social activities and appointments. We serve the entire 1,729 square mile Harris County, Texas region and all drivers are certified and licensed to ensure the safety of our clients during transport regardless of their level of disability.


Our onsite 5-workstation computer lab empowers our clients to help us monitor their physcial health and chronic health conditions. Our lab provides access to NIHSeniorHealth with healthy aging tips and the clinically-proven Dakim BrainFitness games. Dakim BrainFitness helps our clients battle the early onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Our hope is to build a larger computer lab open to the community in the future.


Our health services are provided by licensed and certified nurses experienced with helping adults with impairments stabilize their health and existing chronic conditions. Our health services include health maintenance and monitoring throughout the day, onsite treatments and medications management, ongoing health assessments and health counseling for clients and caregivers


We prepare and serve healthy congregate meals daily that include one hot noon meal with two ounces of meat, 1/2 cup of fruit and/or vegetables, one cup of milk and two servings of bread. We serve mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Clients are provided with feeding assistance (i.e. spoon feeding, bread buttering and milk opening) when necessary. All meals are prepared at our facilities and served according to federal and state nutrition and food handling guidelines and in accordance with doctor-ordered dietary restrictions.


Our skilled personal care attendants assist clients with performing daily living activities including dressing, eating, grooming, bathing, toileting, and self- administering medications. We also provide physical rehabilitative services such as motion and movement exercises. Each client receives personal care for a minimum 6 hours daily five days weekly 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Why We Matter

Nixon Home Care, Inc. specializes in providing hard-to-serve impaired adults and the frail elderly with transporation, day supervision, social activities and healthy meals while their caregivers work or take much needed respite. We also offer caregivers the option of allowing their loved ones to stay at home as opposed to costly institutionalization.

From inception, Debora Nixon vigorously pursued addressing the gap in services for quality adult day care services for impaired adults while their caregivers work. Especially low-income individuals eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

But, our doors are always open.  Regardless of a client's ability to pay.
Nixon Adult Day Center

Our Location

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